ISHA Marburg is the local section of the International Students of History Association (ISHA) at Philipps-Universität Marburg.

Our aim is to make it easier for students from different parts of Europe and the world to meet each other, discuss history and related sciences, explore foreign countries, and in doing so, form new friendships and broaden their horizons.

History of the section

The current section was founded in late 2008, after its predecessor, established in the early 2000’s, had almost ceased to exist. We are now ten active members (2013) but we hope to have new people joining our ranks in the future. Anyone who is interested can participate! There are are no fees and no obligations, only opportunities to be had.

Our first aim was to organise a new ISHA event in Marburg. Years ago, the previous section already hosted the ISHA New Year’s Seminar 2004/5. We tried our best to continue their success by hosting an ISHA Weekend Seminar at the end of January, 2010, titled “Being a Historian. Opportunities and Responsibilities in Past and Present.” More than thirty students from around Europe met up and discussed what studying history has meant to historians in the past, which chances and challenges historical science has to offer, and finally, what our perspectives as students of history are today. Learn more about the details here.

The ISHA Section Marburg also organized the New Year´s Seminar for 30 participants in January 2013. We discussed the topic “Health and Disease in historical perspective” in three different workshops, had a nice time in the beautiful snow-covered city of Marburg (and Mainz) and met old friends and got to know new ones! Here and here you can read two brief reports of the Seminar, written by ISHA treasurer Anne Greule and Council member Marko Ožegovic.

Our projects in 2015

We will continue the tradition of hosting New Year´s Seminars in 2016: ISHA Marburg organizes the New Year´s Seminar 15/16 in the beginning of January 2016. We will discuss the topic “history and fiction” from various perspectives. The planning process has already started – but you can join the preparations anytime! It´s a great way to gain some practical experiences in project work.

Besides actice members of ISHA Marburg as well as non-members attend the ISHA Seminars all around Europe, for example this year in Olomouc, Bucharest, Vienna etc. And – last but not least –  we are working on some events for the summer term 2015, like a get-together of international (history) students and locals, excursion(s), museums crawl, movie nights, a cake sale.  … be part of it!